Be Ready Utah Webinar: Help, Hydrate, and Hold On

On April 4th we held the Be Ready Utah April 2024 Preparedness Webinar: “Help, Hydrate, and Hold On!”. If you missed the event you can watch the recording via the link above.

The Be Ready Utah staff, in an effort to help Utahns “Be Ready” for future disasters and emergencies, present this free webinar recording covering the following topics:

  • First Aid: You are the Help Until Help Arrives with Jeff Johnson
  • Water Storage and Treatment with Bryan Stinson
  • Earthquake Preparedness with Maralin Hoff “the Earthquake Lady”

Please share this information with those in your circle of influence and help us all to Be Ready!

Thank you.

You can watch some of our previous webinars and presentations available on the Be Ready Utah YouTube channel here:

You can also follow the links for additional information from

– First Aid webpage:

– Basic First Aid Kit brochure:

– Water webpage:

– Water Storage and Treatment brochure:

– website:

– Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country booklet:

Other brochures can be downloaded at the Be Ready Utah Library with this link: