Protective Actions


If you don’t know how to survive the disaster, then the rest of your plans don’t really matter.


Learn the protective actions that apply to different emergency scenarios and teach them to your family members.

Protective Actions

Active shooter – Run, Hide, Fight

Avalanche - Get the Gear, Get the Training, Get the Forecast, Get the Picture, Get Out of Harms Way. See this link to FEMA's list of protective actions if you are caught in an avalanche.

Bleeding - Stop The Bleed

Clothes on fire – Stop, Drop, and Roll


Cybersecurity: Stop, Think, Connect

Earthquake – Drop, Cover, Hold On

Drop, Cover, Hold On!

Flood waters – Turn Around Don’t Drown

House fire – Get Low and GO

Lightning – When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors (CDC, NOAA)

Nuclear and Radiological Incident - Get Inside, Stay Inside, Stay Tuned

Pandemic – Sanitize Often, Social Distance

Stand-by alert – Listen to EAS